“The cave of silence” by Kostas Krommydas

Today I’ll be talking about “The cave of silence” one of my favourite books, read in 2018 and I am extremely happy because I was able to meet the author himself and get my copy signed. He is such a pleasant and friendly person.

One thing I love is when greek books are published in English, and that’s because I feel that we have many good authors who publish only in Greek, so not many people can read and enjoy their writing.

If you are one of my Greek followers/ subscribers you may already have seen the review I uploaded on my Booktube channel, so you know that I loved it. But if you’re not, here is my opinion about this book.

When I started reading it, I thought it was just one more love story but moving forward in the book, while I was turning the pages it got more and more interesting and exciting and different.

The story follows two different couples, one in the past and one in today and of course is just one connection between the two but I’m not telling you cuz we don’t approve spoilers here. The story set in the past is in the second World War and I usually do not read this kind of books.  I mean I love historical fiction books but the second World War era is just not my favorite one , for various reasons, but that’s a theme for another time. But the author just make me fall in love with the story with the characters and everything they’ve been through.

Another thing that I liked about the book is that even though the book has average book-length the story doesn’t move too fast or too slow. At some point we get to see too many information and we’re stuck with all these new things and we need to understand everything but the way it is done it is truly amazing.

And don’t even let me start about the feelings, oh my God, this story has everything. It has all the feelings, the love, the passion and the compassion. Friends, family, everything is so intense! And let’s not forget the sad parts of the story and I particularly love them, the heartbreak, the pain, the guilt and of course the hate.

One last amazing thing i want to talk about, is that it keeps you in thinking what is going to happen next. I literally opened the book and didn’t stop reading until I finished it. With every chapter passing, you just can’t stop because nothing is clear, you don’t know the truth and you just can’t stop reading until you get to the end so you find out what the truth is and how things are going to go from now on and that my friends it’s true magic.

Before I close this review I want to say one last thing about my experience while reading the book. It was somewhere in the middle of August and it was about 1 a.m. and we were resting for the evening with my boyfriend and he was sleeping and I was reading. I finished around 6 I think, and yes he was still sleeping, actually it was just then that he was starting to wake up and I was crying and he was just like “oh my god. Are you okay?” and I was like “just don’t talk to me for a moment. This book just gave me all the feelings of the world and I just can’t” and he was laughing at me can you believe it?

So after all that I can’t give this book anything but 5/5 pens
So until next time, keep losing yourselves in stories. Happy reading everyone!



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