“Thin Air” by Kate Tompson

So that’s the second book I finished in 2019 and let me tell you it was not good. Hello creatures of all kinds and welcome to yet another book review, here,with me your host, Helena Zelin.

Just so you know from now on I’m going to post photos of my own not just the covers that anyone can find online. This is the Greek cover of the book but I’m going to leave another photo of the English cover as well.

So yeah, let’s get started with my opinion about “Thin air” by Kate Thompson.

Long story short, didn’t like it. And honestly I can’t really tell why people like it. I mean, it has almost four stars on Goodreads and while I was reading it I was super disgusted and I don’t know, I found it creepy, I found it yikes and it just gave me the chills. Not at that it was scary, it wasn’t it. Just, how can I say that…. It was raw.

I was confused with all those characters and I was always forgetting who was who with so many names and stuff and I couldn’t end up liking anybody. I mean some of them were okay but the “I don’t care” okay. I don’t know, it started really quick and confusing and then after one or two pages the scenery changed the characters changed for another scene and then they changed again and again and again and just keep on looping and I end up never understanding a thing. And let’s not forget most of the scenes were so gross!! Thank goodness, I wasn’t eating or drinking while reading it but literally why do people write like that?

I saw this kind of writing in a Greek author too and again I was super gross and I saw that people liked that one too. Can anyone, please, tell me what’s good about these writing? I don’t know it just confused me and I’m sad about that because when I start reading a book, even if it’s a hated book, I start wanting to enjoy it and feeling like I’m going to enjoy even a little bit of it. This time I didn’t enjoy anything, apart its length cuz it was a really short book and I didn’t waste much time.

That’s the English cover

I’ve never read anything else from Miss Thompson so I don’t know if that’s how she writes in general but I’m willing to give her one more chance. I mean if I find a book that sounds interesting (If you know one please leave the title in the comments)

The actual reason why I’m sad it’s because this book was a gift from my sister and I really wanted to enjoy it but it just didn’t do me the favor. With all that being said I can’t give this book more than 1/5 pens.

Anyway I hope you read something that you enjoyed and also that my next read is going to be something I will enjoy. But until next time keep on reading keep on losing yourself in the pages


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