“An Unexpected Gift” by Lily Zante

Hello again everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today there’s no fancy picture because I have this book in ebook format, so I figured I would only have to put the cover. Maybe next time I’ll try photographing another book and photoshopping the cover on top but right now we’ll have to work with that.

So I started this one a little bit after New Year’s Eve and I didn’t care that Christmas was all over. But eventually this book is that a little bit after create New Year’s Eve so it kind of was a perfect time to read it.

So I started reading it and it started really interesting cuz this attack happened and then everything went along. But at least for me it that’s not how it continues. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it no it was a good read but there’s just a little something that it didn’t fit. And it had one or two cliches in it which is okay cuz every romance book has a cliche in it. It’s just that I would like to see something a little different.

Apart from that I felt like the plot evolved too quick. Okay yes you may was 92 page-long but still I would like to see something I don’t know just not so quick. In general it was an okay read. I like the characters, both the protagonists and all the other characters. Well not all of them, of course, I didn’t like the ones we are not meant like but you see these… villains, as they’re mostly addressed as, them too were too obvious.

I’ve read so much romance in my life that I don’t know it just starts to feel a little unrealistic at this point so I don’t know there’s a high chance that I abandon this genre for a little bit.

Anyway it’s time for the rating and because of all these I’ll be giving it a 2/ 5 pens.

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either.

That was it for today’s post thank you for reading it please consider leaving a like and following the blog you can also find me on Goodreads and Instagram and yeah that’s it if you have any recommendations or you have a book that you want reviewed honestly you can just message me.

Jave a nice day everyone. Keep losing yourself in the pages, keep dreaming.


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