“Hunt” by L. C. Mawson

Hello creatures of all kinds and once again welcome to my blog.

Her is yet another book review this time and more Supernatural one. Hunt is the first book of a series called Freya snow. I personally owned the first three books and the short stories collection and I started off reading this one, of course.

Even though I know I’ve read something similar I have to say that is a pretty nice book. Well the cliche tropes are, the teenager who belongs in a supernatural kind of world and right before she’s 18 she realizes and she has to learn everything from a magical mentor, immediately learns everything she has to learn (though this one is being explained in the book) and of course ends up fighting someone she probably shouldn’t be able to win and becomes confident all of a sudden.

The good thing is that these are handled very nice and in a clever way. The writing has a weird feeling at first, like the writer is still shy about her writing. Thankfully this doesn’t last long and the good part starts. Then we get to see Freya and her life and the new world she is introduced. We don’t see much of it, just the basics. But that’s enough to make me want to find out more.

I believe it will develop much in the second book and the thought of that makes me want to dive in the next one! It’s a very interesting word, with some originality put in it and I really enjoyed it.

Before I revile my rating, I won’t to say that I don’t like the high chances of a romantic relationship between Freya and Daniel. I just don’t want to see them together, plus I have a feeling he too is a supernatural being. I know they probably will end up together, that’s the vibes I get, but I don’t want to read that.

So, with all that been said, my rating for the first book of the Freya Show series is 4/5 pens.

That’s it everyone. I hope you liked it. I’d like to know your opinion too if you’ve read it, so leave it in the comments if you like. Until the next time, keep losing yourselves in the pages, keep dreaming.


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