The Freya Snow short stories collection

Hello creatures of all kinds and welcome to the last review for the month.

So I just finished reading this collection of short stories and I have to say it was nice. I mean it was okay, some of these stories sure had a couple of things to add to the story and a couple of details which explain to us some things, like how this whole Magic system works.

It was enjoyable, I mean everyone can read it even if you haven’t read the rest of the series you will understand some stuff and you will definitely enjoy it because… they’re short stories! You don’t have to know the whole story to you understand some short stories. Well actually that’s the reason why I started writing short stories, because you don’t need to analyze a whole universe in depth so… yeah.

Back to the short stories collection I really liked it. It was fun. It was likable. So yeah, I definitely recommend it and I think I should give it a 5/ 5 pens

They’re short stories. I mean okay, you need to put lots of work in a short story in order to make it not good so yeah, 5/5 it was really great.

So that is it for today’s post. I hope you like it and I also hope that I will see you soon with a new post. Keep on dreaming, keep losing yourself in pages

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