A month full of movies

Hello everyone and welcome again to my blog. This time I came with something completely different. This isn’t going to be an article about books or music but it is going to be post about movies.

So apart from being a bookworm I also am a movie Maniac and January was a month that I achieved to watch 10 movies. I was thinking about posting a review here for each and every one of them but I would like to give you the choice to choose which of them you would like to see because you may not be interested in all the movies. Here I’m only going to give you the titles of the movies and the rating I gave them on IMDb.

*note* I would like to say that some of them we’re new to me, some others I just rewatched.

So yeah let’s go to the titles and my ratings. First up I watched “The messenger: the story of Joan of Arc” which I gave a 7/10

Next, I went to the movies with my family and boyfriend and we watched “Aegean SOS” which I unfortunately gave an 1/10

Moving on, I watched the “A.X.L.” with my boyfriend and I gave it a 6/10

Next up I have an animated movie which I rewatched, with a friend of mine, called “Strange Magic” with an 8/10

Then I went for a movie that I wasn’t sure that I’m going to like but I end up enjoying it which is “Mean Girls 2” with a 7/10

Moving on, we watched with my family again but this time from the comfort of our couch “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” with an 8/10

Next up, we saw “The Martian” with my father and I gave it an 8/10 and I’m really convinced to go buy and read the book it is inspired by.

Then, with my boyfriend again, I watched “The Purge” and gave it a 7/10

Next movie that I watched, and it was on my own this time, while ironing, (yeah I know but I do that a lot) it was “The Words” with a 7/10

And last but definitely not least I watched “Les Miserables” the musical version and gave it a 9/10

So yeah, these were all the movies that I watched during January I would love to give you a full review on some of them or maybe all of them I don’t know, your choice. Leave a comment and tell me which one(s) are you most interested in hearing, well, actually reading, my full opinion about and why I gave such ratings.

I would also like to tell you that through a voting, something, that I did on Instagram, (those of you who follow me much know), you guys voted that you would like me to start uploading booktube videos in English on my existing channel. Just to give a disclaimer here, I’ was thinking about starting a playlist with all the English videos that I’m going to upload and I’m thinking about calling it “International Mondays” because I’m thinking about uploading videos every Monday. and the “international” stands for the English language that I’m going to be using in those videos. Every Friday I do upload my Greek booktube videos, I hope you don’t mind seeing both my Greek and English videos on my channel but I really do not want to separate my subscribers and Views. I just think it’s kind of silly to have two accounts. I never really liked it, I mean if a YouTuber that I watch has two channels I am probably just going to subscribe to one of them for example many Booktubers have one channel for there book themed videos and another for, I don’t know, like vlog or more personal stuff but I just like to have them all at one channel and separate them with playlist. I find it more organized this way. I don’t know why it just suits me, I guess. Yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know just in case you’re interested in watching my videos.

I hope that I’m going to be uploading every Monday but I am not in the position to make any promises cuz I have a really busy schedule, managing University and the housework and my writing and my YouTube channel and my blog and all the other things that I’m doing such as reading and guitar-playing and stuff like that. It’s really tough for me but I do enjoy doing these things so I’m not complaining. I’m just clearing things out, just have in mind that I’m not making any promises here. I’ll try to do my best but that’s the very best that I can guarantee for now.

That is it for today’s post. Thank you for reading it, please consider liking the post maybe sharing with your friends. If you want you can also check out my other posts, you can also go subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like and click the little Bell to be notified when I upload the next video. Remember that every Friday it’s a Greek video so yeah.

Bye guys! Keep on dreaming, keep on losing yourselves in pages.


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