A song for February 2019

A new month has begun and you will know what means it means. A new song. So, hello creatures of all kinds and welcome to February’s song.

February is most known for Valentine’s Day. It it is the month of love, the month we dedicate to express our feelings to our significant others but I wants to change that a little bit.

It t is perfect to share your life with someone who understands you and loves you, it is amazing to share love, I myself do love someone who loves me back, of course I mean my boyfriend, but, you know, love is not just about finding your significant other. It is so much more. Love is friendship, love is family and of course we can not forget, self-love.

If we do not love ourselves we’re not able to give love to anybody else so we’re not able to gain love, to feel loved when someone wants to show us that emotion. Loving ourselves is a very important thing to do we must not forget about it. Ever. So, this February, I want you to just love yourself. Because, believe me, if you do not love yourself then no one else will.

It may seems hard sometimes but in the ends self-love is the greatest thing you’ll ever do to yourself. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

Until next time, keep dreaming



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