An update for you guys

Hello creatures of all kinds and welcome again to my blog.

So I know I’ve been away for a couple of days and that’s not cuz I have abundant, again, my blog. No, not even, but I do have my reasons.

First of all, my exams have started for this semester and I have lots of things to study for. I have an upcoming exam for history of art from the 19th to the 20th century and believe me has lots of things to learn so you understand that I’m not able to read as many literature books as I’d like to.

There’s also one thing that I’m doing and that’s planning my upcoming YouTube videos in English. I am a person of planning, I can’t do much without a plan ahead of me. So you know… I just schedule stuff, try and shoot some videos in order to have them archived, just in case I won’t be able to upload anything because of lack of time and of course I also continue planning my Greek videos, that’s not going to stop.

I’m also having some personal projects that I’m trying my best for such as writing my book. It is kind of hard to keep everything running. Again I just wanted to apologize for not updating constantly this blog. I’m not going to stop it, I’m just a little bit late updating. I am planning to upload some reviews from books that I’ve read in the past and haven’t already uploaded a review, just so I’m going to have something to post and last but definitely not least I would like you to leave a comment down below and tell me what you would like to see here in my blog and also and my YouTube channel which is going to start, eventually. Well not start but you get the point.

I’ll definitely have some reviews maybe some tags and the one thing for sure that I’m going to do is that I’ll be talking a lot about my writing and my process and my experience at it, so yeah! If you’re interested please stay tuned. Please go subscribe to support me and yeah you’ll be hearing from me very soon.

Until next time keep on reading, keep on losing yourself in pages.


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