My faves of WebToon

Hello creatures of all kinds and welcome again to my blog. This time I would like to talk to you about something a little bit different as I usually do not talk about such stuff here.

Some of you may know that apart from a book maniac I’m also a lover of art and I do practice art myself (I draw A LOT) and that’s where my passion for comics started.

So I searched the internet and I found this site or better This app, where one can read comics. It’s pretty much Wattpad but with comics and I have found myself a few that i strongly love and I’m about to introduce them to you.

No1 “Siren’s Lament” by instantmiso

This is one of the very first stories I read in the platform and I immediately fell in love with the concept and the art. The story follows Lyra, a girl who is introduced to a curse and then her life ceases to be ordinary, or was it ever ordinary?

No2 “My Dear Cold-Blooded King” by lifelight

That’s a story I only recently found out and I read the whole thing in less than 24 hour. Yep.. one can say I’m a little bit obsessed with this story! The art, the characters everything just speaks to my heart. This time we have a story told in another time, a time long ago, where girl found herself getting in trouble, in the way of a King and then just everything went wrong… or maybe not.

No3 “SubZero” by Junepurrr

This one I started only because I liked the illustrations very much but as I dived into the story I realized how much more than just beautiful pictures it is. It has a wonderful story and I can understand that even if we are only a few chapters in. One thing that’s even more appealing to me about the story is that it contains origins of dragons not the Eragon dragons the ancient Chinese/ Japanese dragons (not quite sure which is right, maybe both) and I am so in love with this concept. So the story is mainly about two different Bloodlines of dragons who have to cooperate with each other in order to succeed peace. Only things are not as simple as it sounds because these two have been is some sort of Vendetta for years Generations.

No4 “A Topsy-Turvy World of Wonder: the beginning” by princeivy

Now this story is the one that introduced me to this app. I follow the writer on Instagram and that’s where I found out where to read he’s comic, so I downloaded the app and started reading. It is obvious but I’ll still say that I already loved the illustrations before I read the comic because I followed the author on Instagram and I was able to see the illustrations before the chapters got published. So the story, I think it’s clear that we are at Wonderland. Some of the characters are not original, we can find them at Ever After High series such as Madeline Hatter, Lizzie Hearts but the idea of the story is original and the main character is original too and I believe most of the others are original characters. So there’s supposed to be a mystery but I actually cannot say more because I’m going to spoil everything and I do not want to do that. Just have in mind that there’s lots of craziness. But we’re all mad here, aren’t we?

No5 “Hades and Persephone ficlets” by Gaumeo

Okay so the title pretty much gives everything away so there’s not much to say than that’s a story about Hades and Persephone. A retelling, another perspective, perhaps, if you would like but I truly fell in love with the pictures and this new fresh air the story gives. As a Greek I love Greek mythology and Hades and Persephone’s love is one of my favorite myths of all time. I can honestly never get enough of this story. I can continue reading retellings of this all the time and I strongly recommend this one cuz it’s fresh it’s something completely different from everything that I have ever read about this couple and I truly love it.

So there you have it my top 5 webtoon comics. I would really love it if you would have another webtoon to recommend and I would actually really like for you to read them and come back here and discuss our opinions about these stories. Storytelling is always my favorite thing to do, doesn’t matter if it’s through images or just through words. I’ve actually been thinking about starting my own webcomic but that’s still on the planning, I can’t announce anything yet. Though definitely stay tuned for more updates.

Until next time guys keep dreaming, keep losing yourselves in pages… and stories in general 😉


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