Hello everyone! I’m Helena, born in 1998 and after years of reading awsome stories, I desided to bring the stories I had in my head to life. As I am from Greece, I started writing in my mother launguage back in 2012, at the age of thriteen. Since then I have completed four books (yes I am aware that three of them are in a desparate need of rewriting) , my most recent one was finished in August 2019. I am currently translating said book in English while outlinining my next project. I like to experiment with a variety of genres, but the ones I consider in my comfort zone are drama, adventure, romance and fantasy. Well, more of a mix of all of the above.

I hope you deside to follow me throughout my writing journey while I work my way to publish and share my stories with the world. You can also find me on other social media, link right here https://linktr.ee/helena_zelin

Thank you in advance.