Requests and rating policy

Do you want me to review your book (honestly and free)? Do you have any movie suggestions?

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I do read books at any genre except from books focusing on religious matters. Thriller or horror books are not my favorite to read because of my wild imagination and how much of a scared cat i become after reading them, so I am going to be really picky with them.

Please note that all reviews and ratings are based on my personal tastes. Books are supposed to unite us not to make us argue. All different opinions are very much ok and more than welcome to discuss.

How I rate:

1 pen:  reading it was a waste of my time

2 pens: not bad, but I definitely not read it again

3 pens: so and so, although I did enjoy reading

4 pens: good enough to be a possible re-read, just a little something missing

5 pens: The ABSOLUTE book